EngineerAtHome IoT Dataplatform

Internet of Things Dataplatform

Use Engineer at Home's IoT dataplatform with easy to use API (Application Programming Interface) to log data from your connected device (Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, etc.) to the internet. The API uses HTTP(S) GET-requests to push data to the database, and fetch data from the database in JSON format.

Create a new sensor

Start now by creating a new sensor for your device. Each sensor can log two values, for instance temperature and humidity, or latitude and longitude every 15 minutes.

Create a new sensor

Log data via HTTP(S) GET method{sensor_id}&secret={secret}&value1={value1}&value2={value2}

View data in webinterface

Visit{sensor_id}/{secret} in your browser to view your logged data in our standard webinterface. From here you can view a linegraph or copy your data to Excel.

Fetch data via HTTP(S) GET method{sensor_id}&secret={secret}&view={number}

The server responds with a JSON-encoded string with the last {number} entries (max. 1000) to use in your own dashboard or app.

"name" : "Living Room Climate",
"value1_name" : "Temperature",
"value1_unit" : "°C",
"value2_name" : "Humidity",
"value2_unit" : "%h",
"data" : [
"timestamp" : "2019-11-10 13:36:32",
"value1" : 20.1,
"value2" : 66
"timestamp" : "2019-11-10 13:21:32",
"value1" : 20.2,
"value2" : 64
"timestamp" : "2019-11-10 13:06:35",
"value1" : 20.5,
"value2" : 60

View public sensors

Here you can view the most recent added public sensors to get an impression of the webinterface.